Ophthalmic surgery systems

Qube® and Qube® pro

Operating system for the anterior and posterior section of the eye

New for the Future

Many of our clients come to us with a completely new idea – and some with a new idea based on an existing system. Like our longtime customer RUCK. For this provider of ophthalmic surgery systems, we completely redesigned the device Qube® for surgery on the lens (cataract) and based on it the device Qube® pro for surgery on the retina (glaucoma).


is a device for the operation of cataracts; it is very compact, relatively inexpensive and above all very user-friendly. Whereas the routine procedure used to last about 30 minutes, now – thanks to Qube® – it has been reduced to less than 15 minutes. This is made possible since it can be operated intuitively.

Qube® pro

builds on the Qube® platform. By adapting the software and hardware, we modified the device to also assist surgeons in operating on the retina. This procedure in the posterior segment of the eye is more complicated, involves more risks and takes much longer. Since Qube® pro can be operated intuitively and, thus, improves precision considerably, surgeons can work with great precision, concentration and without fatigue.

"BYTEC is our long-standing partner in the development and production of ophthalmic surgery equipment. Together, we have successfully advanced surgical procedures and the technology of ophthalmic surgical systems."

Michael Ruck
General Manager
Fritz Ruck Ophthalmologic Systems GmbH

Details from the Development


As always, the central requirement was the security of the system. Each of the main functions has its own control and control unit, which monitor and ensure the correct function independently of each other. Through special functions, the device supports the surgeon to keep the intraocular pressure stable (chamber stability) by regulating the amount of fluid delivered to the eye in relation to the suction power.


To tailor the system to the user's needs, we developed the user interface together with eye surgeons from clinics and private surgery centers.
A touchscreen allows the OR staff to operate the device intuitively. The surgeon controls the device by a dual-linear pedal, with every change announced by voice output.
The settings can be configured individually. For this purpose, one of the service technicians programs the device along with the respective surgeon during operation when the device is commissioned for the first time.
Another advantage is the one-handed sterile use of the deployed cassette.
This user-friendliness provides different core advantages to the user for both systems. Qube® reduces the duration of the operation significantly. Qube® pro helps surgeons work more focused and relaxed – not unimportant since such an operation takes five hours or more.


The pneumatic control unit with special quick-acting valves ensures a significant improvement in precision. These valves allow very high cutting rates of up to 7,500 cuts per minute and, thus, very fine, precise work with the cutter close to the retina.
For the newly developed valve technology, we brought in Festo AG from Esslingen.


We also developed the valve control unit together with Festo. All pneumatic connections are protected and run without tubing via a channel plate. As a result, the control block is only half as big as usual, which keeps the device extremely compact. An added benefit is easy maintenance.


For Qube® we developed special technologies to make our own software development faster, more reliable and more efficient – with optimum security. Above all, this means lower costs whenever the customer asks us to develop the device further.

Requirements exceeded

Originally, RUCK was thinking of redesigning the existing system. But together we quickly realized that a completely new design made much more sense in order to be competitive in the long term. For that reason, we redeveloped everything anew: the computing platform, the architecture, the connectivity and the software for different devices.
Today, Qube® and Qube® pro are the systems of choice in their application areas. Due to the platform principle, the device can be modified to many variants of eye surgery. That makes the system future-proof.


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