Cardiac support system


Blood pump for cardiac support during heart surgery

Sacred blood

“Blood is a juice of rarest quality,” Mephistopheles already knew in Goethe's play Faust. And a pretty sensitive one at that. For example, a part of the thrombocytes are damaged by conventional peristaltic pumps used in cardiac surgery.

For artificial hearts, the Helmholtz Institute for Biomedical Engineering in Aachen already developed a blood-saving diagonal pump. Our customer Medos now wanted to use this pump principle for the patient's blood supply during heart surgery.

Together with Medos, we developed the concept and designed the control console and drive. The cardiac support system Deltastream® was the result of this cooperation.

"Despite the stringent requirements and customer’s numerous requests for changes during the product development, we were able to complete the project in less than 18 months."

Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Heidbüchel
Head of Quality, BYTEC

With all our hearts

Everything for safety

The technical and, in particular, the safety aspects always represent the greatest challenges in a high-risk product. Which was also the case here.
Together with the customer we designed the device with a diagonal pump as a sterile pump for single use. We then developed the console and a fail-safe drive for the pump.

Console and drive were designed for 24/7 use. In addition, we also developed the system to be not only user and service friendly, but also efficient to produce.

A complete success

The result was convincing in every way. We were able to develop the project while fulfilling all requirements, both within the budget and within the given time.
Medos has successfully established the product in the market and thus opened up a new market segment for itself.



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