Dipl.-Ing. Paul Willi Coenen became a management board member of LifeTecAachen-Jülich e.V.


On June 25th, 2012, during the board meeting of LifeTecAachen-Jülich e.V. our President and CEO Paul W. Coenen was elected to the board of directors.
Mr. Coenen will work together with LifTec to gain a better link of biotechnical and medicine-technical companies in the sphere of the LifeTec.
In addition, his ambition is to promote the cooperation of these companies with the universities of the “EUREGIO” to develop new marketable products.
P.W. Coenen: „The grouping of available know-how in our region will be a lasting improvement of our business location.“

LifeTecAachen- Jülich e.V. was founded in 2000 and aims at pooling and strengthening life sciences activities within the region of Aachen-Jülich. We are the biggest cluster of life sciences in the region and trans-regional in the tri-border area Maas-Rhine. Therefore we aim at allowing access to complementary competences through close cooperation between universities, institutes as well as between smaller and larger industrial partners. The necessary general conditions are guaranteed via additional funds.