BYTEC's Contribution to sustainability and environmental protection


The issues of sustainability and environmental protection also drive us.

We are aware that companies are important social actors - also beyond their economic activities. Innovative technologies will not automatically contribute to a better world and a sustainable future, but if they are based on a value-based design, they can make an important contribution to transformation. We see ourselves as co-creators of the future and want to look further ahead to promote a healthy economy in a healthy environment. Therefore, BYTEC is committed accordingly:

Raising awareness among employees
By notifying them in highly frequented places such as the coffee kitchen and circular emails, we remind them to separate the garbage, switch off the light and turn the thermostat down.

BYTEC Medizintechnik - Environmentally friendly to work and back

Environmentally friendly to work and back
By purchasing fuel-saving company vehicles with electric drive which are powered by electricity from our own solar system, we help reduce the environmentally harmful CO2 in our atmosphere.

Check IT devices for energy consumption
We have all electrical devices checked regularly and use modern laser printers as well as energy-saving devices. Computers that are not required are not left to run overnight.

Expansion of our lean production
Economical and efficient use of production factors, avoidance of rejects in production and procurement through close cooperation with sub-suppliers and product development as well as reducing excess stocks are part of our lean concept.

Greening the company
Plants that absorb environmental toxins, produce oxygen and give off moisture, which is particularly useful in winter when the dry heating air is a problem, are in our offices, meeting rooms and corridors. Green areas on the site create an environment that is relaxed and motivating.

Sustainability through energy-saving lamps
The lighting in the company is state-of-the-art in terms of environmental technology. Intelligent controllers, motion detectors and timers ensure that no light is on unnecessarily anywhere, thus saving electricity.

Waste avoidance and recycling
We have coffee for everyone from the fully automatic coffee machine. This saves the use of several coffee machines, pads, capsules and whatever else there is. Paper, packaging made of plastic, metal or composite materials and residual waste are separated from each other. Disposable dishes and cutlery are not used in the canteen or during meetings. Used printer cartridges are sent in, old batteries are collected and thus fed into the recycling process.

Saving water
Pearl jets throughout the building to restrict the flow of water, and economy cisterns for the toilets were installed.

BYTEC Medizintechnik - Promoting sustainability through green electricity

Promoting sustainability through green electricity
Since 2011 a heat pump has been supporting the necessary heating capacity in the company and since 2020 we have had a solar system on the roof that generates most of the electricity we need every day.

Pay attention to food and hospitality
Fresh fruit for our employees ensures health and better performance. When entertaining our guests, we pay attention to quality rather than quantity.