BYTEC interviews with industrial trainees March 2023


Please introduce yourself briefly.
My name is Hannah Breidenich and I am a trainee in the development department. As a student of electrical engineering I am responsible for the research of electrical components and circuit design. I also get insights into other areas such as mechanics and pneumatics. Since we also work a lot with 3D designs here at BYTEC, I can also practice using the corresponding programs. And at my own request, I have made small constructions and adjustments.

How did you come to BYTEC?
To put it simply: I searched Google for companies in this area for my internship job. I came across a job ad for BYTEC, actually for 2023, but I wanted to start in November 2022, so I just tried my luck and applied on my own initiative. Fortunately, André Coenen did a lot to make my spontaneous entry possible.

What do you enjoy most about working here?
I think it's very cool that I'm actually allowed to look in everywhere. I'm taken along or, if asked, brought in, so I get to see every step of the process. This has already taught me a lot about the different approaches to problems. I also love working in a team and the constant new challenges.

What are you particularly proud of? What was your greatest success?
For one project we researched and tested a small sensor application. To then present it to the customer, who found it to be good, that really gives you a good feeling. In addition, it's generally nice to support colleagues and sometimes to see your own ideas or your own research results implemented in the projects.

Was there a particularly funny or exciting situation that you will fondly remember?
Cake Friday. That's always important. She laughs. Lisanne and I have established that someone always brings cake on Fridays. We just have to work on the arrangements. Otherwise the same thing will happen as last Friday and four people will bring cakes. So there are worse things than four cakes ... During the break, we looked for solutions with the seriousness of a project meeting. Who does what, which cake goes where. This is also a form of applying learned skills to other areas. Communication is always the be-all and end-all, as you can see.

How were you received here? Has this impression lasted?
I was very nicely received by everyone. Everyone was and is super helpful, that hasn't changed. Many are even happy to show something. That is very relaxed.

What will you miss most after the end of the internship?
I will miss exchanging ideas with my colleagues. Just the different input, that helps a lot to find a working (community) solution from the own tinkering ideas in the head. In addition, it is sometimes quite exciting to hear how colleagues talk shop. Even if it's only about the difference between teleporting and beaming.

So you could imagine to work in this field? Do you already have concrete ideas how to continue after your studies?
I don't have any concrete plans yet, whether I'll go into industry or maybe into research, I'll just let myself drift. In principle, I could imagine coming back. The company and the colleagues themselves ... yes, yes, definitely. Later on, I could also imagine moving in the direction of project manager, but first I want to gain more experience in hardware.

How was it with your studies? Were you able to apply a lot from it or is it more of a practical throw in the deep end?
Yes, so of course there are some basic knowledge in the study, which are quite helpful here, how to read a data sheet for example. But the big context only really becomes clear when you're doing practical work. Learning by doing is definitely the order of the day.

Is there anything you would recommend to your successors?
Cake Friday should definitely be continued. She laughs. All kidding aside. Just be open to everything, ask about anything that interests you. The internship is for learning, not just working.

If you could sum up BYTEC or your work in one or two sentences...
BYTEC is very flexible and dynamic. There are so many areas where there are always new things to discover and in the end you have good, useful products in your hand.

Thank you for interview. We wish you all the best for the future.