BYTEC interviews with industrial trainees August 2023


Please introduce yourself briefly.
I'm Lisanne Laudenberg and I've been doing an industrial internship here at BYTEC in the development department since October 2022. There I support a project both with the technicians and in the area of the test stands.

How did you come to BYTEC?
I was looking for a medical technology company nearby for my internship and quickly came across the job posting. It appealed to me immediately, so I applied right away.

What do you enjoy most about working here?
So far, I have enjoyed the circuit board layout the most. And also that I had the opportunity to accompany my colleagues during EMC testing. This was a completely new area for me. I was able to take a lot from it. I've always heard about EMC, but it wasn't until I got here that I really understood what it was. That was really cool.

What are you particularly proud of? What was your greatest success?
For me, a personal highlight was the first board that I laid out and assembled myself. I had no experience with that at all before. It's good to see when such things work.

Was there a particularly funny or exciting situation that you will fondly remember?
One special not, but the cake Friday was really always nice. Not only because of the delicious cake, but also because it was an additional opportunity to get to know my colleagues better, to chat with them about work and other things. And since it slowly but surely gets around, you also like to see faces that you otherwise have less to do with.

How were you received here? Did this impression last?
I was definitely well received. Everyone is open to questions; you can actually always go to your colleagues. That makes a lot of difference.

What will you miss most after the end of the internship?
I think it's great to tackle a problem on a specific project or to work towards a goal, to exchange ideas in a team. In general, it's the practical application, which I definitely don't get enough of in my studies.

So you could imagine to work in this field? Do you already have concrete ideas how to continue after your studies?
After graduation, I would definitely like to go straight into industry. I couldn't imagine doing research or a doctorate. What exactly awaits me ... I'm still open. Medical technology was and is definitely an option. BYTEC is also an option, because I like the variety of projects here. You can really try things out. What is generally very important to me, regardless of the exact tasks, is simply the classic good working environment and having fun. I have that here.

Is there anything you would recommend to your successors?
Always dare to ask. Even if the questions seem silly. I quickly learned that you think you have to know a lot of things, but you can't know them yet. The internship is just right for that. Where else but here?

If you could sum up BYTEC or your work in one or two sentences....
It was simply a very instructive and varied internship with super nice colleagues.

Thank you for interview. We wish you all the best for the future.