Hyperthermia system for cancer therapy

TCS Tumor Cell Solution

System for regional hyperthermia therapy for cancer

The power of Heat

Conventional methods of cancer treatment – radiotherapy and chemotherapy – have significant side effects. And both are increasingly reaching their therapeutic limits.
By elevating the temperature in cancer cells, physicians can help to increase the effects of classic therapies and reduce side effects. To bring this hyperthermia precisely to the tumor tissue, we have developed the Tumor Cell Solution system (TCS).

The operating principle

Cancer cells show a higher activity. They are so-to-speak hyperactive and under permanent stress. Chemo- or radiotherapy additionally raises this stress, which ultimately leads to cell death.
Hyperthermia also boosts this stress further by creating an artificial fever in exactly these cells. Thus, lower doses of radiation or cytostatics are necessary for the desired effect of classical therapy. And that means fewer side effects.

"In order to meet the requirements of a medical device worldwide, we need a partner who thinks of all these different requirements right from the development stage. BYTEC is very well positioned to do exactly this."

Christian Hartmann
Managing Director, Celsius42 GmbH

Hyperthermia in a Nutshell

Our technical solution

TCS generates a so-called capacitive alternating field in the patient. For this purpose, radio waves with up to 500 watts between two active electrodes are passed through the body. Thanks to the different size of the electrodes, the target area can be heated precisely.
This amount of energy could cause burns due to sweating on the skin. To prevent this from happening, we use water cooling for the electrodes.

The simple application

The radio waves, however, presented us with another challenge since they can disturb other devices in the surroundings. One could shield the room, but the cost would be very high. That’s why our technicians have set the device to run exactly on a free frequency. This makes it easy to set up the device in any doctor's office.
Another focus of the development was easy handling in everyday life. This allows the physician to adjust TCS individually to the patient in a few steps. The software provides intuitive control and monitoring and easy patient data management.

The classic hurdles

Despite reports of success worldwide, hyperthermia has still not been recognized by conventional medicine – let alone become part of standard care. The reason: There are only a few clinical studies on efficacy.
But that is in the nature of the matter: For each combination of tumor type and cytostatics or radiation, a separate study would be needed to conduct.

The light on the horizon

But even in conventional medicine, one is now open to taking new paths, because the classical methods are exhausted. Nevertheless, the effectivity of the system has been already well estabilshed: the TCS is used by many doctors worldwide. The Charité hospital in Berlin also became aware of the device. Together with Celsius42, one wants to provide – besides the practical proof – the scientific proof of efficacy.


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