Cancer Therapy System
TCS Electro-Hyperthermia

Electro-Hyperthermia system for the treatment of cancer

The cancer therapy system Electro-Hyperthermia Unit “TCS” is an optimized treatment system being used as a concomitant treatment to conventional cancer therapies.

By means of this technological innovation the tumor is subjected to homogeneous temperature development by hyperthermia, thus preventing it from growing. The use of two flexibly applicable active electrodes, ensuring a high and homogeneous hyperthermia of the tumor tissue with a maximum power of up to 600 W, allows a focusing of the cancer target area that could hardly be achieved up to now. TCS Electro-Hyperthermia

By different sizes of electrodes the target area in the patients body can be exactly targeted by the control software. The high-powered cooling system allows better dissipation of the heat on the skin surface. Deep actions can therefore be increased without the risk of burns at the skin surface.

The innovative user interface assists the medical personnel in applying the therapy easily and safely. All data taken can be quickly and easily summarized and statistically evaluated

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