Therapy Systems / Pump Technology

Thorax-Drainage-System for relieving nursing staff and patients

Thopaz is the world’s smallest Thorax-Drainage-System. It allows constant monitoring, giving outpatients a certain level of independance during treatment, while guaranteeing their safety. In developing Thopaz medela worked closely with renowned thorax specialists. Their years of knowledge and experience in patient supervision is reflected in the functionality of the compact system. Through diverse applications, Thopaz represents significant relief and advantages for doctors, nursing staff and patients alike.

Thopaz is a complete, light-weight and extremely efficient drainage system consisting of a suction pump and interchangeable tubing & receptacles. The construction and operation of the device is especially simplistic.

Our contribution:

  • Hardware and software specifications
  • Development of electronics
  • Development of software
  • Test scenarios for production development
  • Documentation for certification (CE and FDA)

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